Focus Areas

Redgate’s investment and development strategy focuses on key demand drivers in the residential and commercial marketplace. Redgate targets “outer urban” infill development and strategic value-add acquisitions in Greater Boston, Raleigh North Carolina, and select urban East Coast markets with a focus on emerging neighborhoods and clusters.

Livable Luxury

Demographic and cultural changes are bringing people of all ages back into our cities.  We believe that hard-working professionals, energetic empty nesters and contemporary families deserve urban living that meets their high expectations for design, amenities and community.

Through our multifamily real estate investments, we design and craft reasonably priced contemporary residences to foster “new urban neighborhoods”–revitalized and vibrant neighborhoods with easy access to city life.

Research and Innovation

Companies are driven to vibrant locations in communities surrounded by the talented and highly educated workforce with whom they compete to recruit and retain. These spaces are being designed to meet contemporary expectations: state-of-the-art research laboratories, comfortable shared spaces for gathering and collaboration, creative design, and a rich amenity base.

Through our research and innovation investments, we leverage our deep development expertise to create the modern workplace to [facilitate] innovative products and solutions in science and technology.

Industrial and Manufacturing

The ongoing increase in ecommerce, technological advancements in manufacturing, and global disruption continue to drive strong industrial fundamentals and fuel the strength of the global asset class. The evolution of modern logistics and manufacturing has proven the need for more functional and efficient real estate product.

Through our industrial investments, we seek development and value-add acquisitions in strategic geographic locations that bring together smart and driven talent pool, a capable and growing corporate foundation, and population density.

Vibrant Urban Placemaking

Redgate’s development projects have demonstrated the success of creating “live/work/play” opportunities within the fabric of existing urban neighborhoods that are accessible to public transit and contain an authentic variety of walkable restaurant and retail opportunities. Our placemaking enhances and supports emerging urban neighborhoods, making a positive contribution to the community’s revitalization.