City of Quincy

Strategic Planning to Reposition Quincy Center

Location: Quincy, MA

Completion: 2014

The City of Quincy and its partners have done tremendous work creating a vision and pathway for the redevelopment of Quincy Center. Redgate has served as a strategic advisor to the City of Quincy, supporting the City in advancing the structuring and buildout of the Quincy Center project. With a sensitivity to the years of work that have gone into the project to date, Redgate brings expertise in thorough and expedient due diligence, strategic land-use analysis, stakeholder engagement, infrastructure analysis, and development strategy, leading to a roadmap of implementation steps for the City.

Redgate worked with the City to develop a multidisciplinary plan to attract new development, reposition existing retail and streetscapes, engage land owners and key stakeholders, and address infrastructure requirements and parcelization of City-owned property. The integrated team also developed a roadmap consisting of a timeline and financial recommendations, based on market and municipal finance analysis.

Services Rendered

  • Strategic Advisory