DCAMM Health & Human Services

Determining highest and best use across DCAMM's Health & Human Services real estate portfolio

Location: Various locations across MA

In line with its “Community First” initiative, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) sought to reimagine its 39 Health and Human Services-controlled portfolio. Recognizing the need for a strategic approach, DCAMM engaged Redgate to assess healthcare delivery needs alongside property characteristics, aiming to formulate a comprehensive property retention, reuse, redevelopment, and disposition strategy.

The Redgate team thoroughly evaluated each property, considering its potential value and ease of disposition. Redgate devised strategies to enhance asset management for properties slated for retention, encompassing terms for third-party leases and optimizing space utilization for agency office functions.

Ultimately, our team presented specific recommendations for all 39 properties, incorporating a detailed analysis of property characteristics, local market data, and determining the highest and best use (disposition or redevelopment). The recommendations also included a well-structured schedule and sequencing of action items related to relocation, remediation, demolition, and sale.

DCAMM heeded Redgate’s advice and has actively begun implementing the recommendations, initiating the process with program relocations and facility closings. The strategic guidance provided by Redgate has set the groundwork for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to optimize its Health and Human Services-controlled properties for the benefit of the community.

Services Rendered

  • Strategic Advisory